Roofing Scam Alert: Florida Authorities Ramp Up Enforcement Efforts!


CybersecdnAmidst the surge in interest in renewable energy and solar power installations across Florida, the state Attorney General Ashley Moody has intensified efforts to combat fraudulent practices targeting homeowners. With the rapid growth of the solar industry, opportunistic companies have sought to capitalize on consumer interest, offering promises of significant savings and government incentives while delivering substandard or incomplete services.

During a recent news conference in Jacksonville, Attorney General Moody, in collaboration with the Better Business Bureau, unveiled the extent of the roofing scam epidemic, cautioning homeowners to remain vigilant when engaging with solar companies. This initiative, which coincided with National Consumer Protection Week, aimed to raise awareness about deceptive practices and empower consumers to make informed decisions regarding solar energy installations.

Highlighting recent legal actions taken by her office, Attorney General Moody underscored the gravity of the issue. Lawsuits were filed against prominent solar companies such as MC Solar and Roofing, SetUp My Solar, and Vision Solar, alleging deceptive and unfair trade practices. These companies stand accused of a range of misconduct, including false representations of potential savings, failure to fulfill contractual obligations, and damage to consumers’ properties.

Roofing Scam Alert: Florida Authorities Ramp Up Enforcement Efforts


The legal actions against these companies serve as a stern warning to others in the industry engaging in similar deceitful practices. By holding these companies accountable, the state aims to protect consumers from falling victim to fraudulent schemes and to uphold the integrity of the solar energy market in Florida.

Moreover, Attorney General Moody’s office has identified several red flags that consumers should be mindful of when approached by solar companies. One such warning is to beware of companies that advertise as government-affiliated entities, as legitimate solar providers typically do not make such claims. Additionally, consumers are advised to obtain quotes from multiple reputable solar companies and to exercise caution when asked for large upfront payments or deposits.

Roofing Scam Alert: Florida Authorities Ramp Up Enforcement Efforts

Furthermore, homeowners are encouraged to thoroughly review contracts before signing, paying close attention to warranties, cancellation policies, and any hidden fees. Seeking information from the Better Business Bureau about a company’s reputation and ensuring that all necessary permits and inspections are obtained for solar installations are essential steps in safeguarding against fraud.

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The proactive measures undertaken by Attorney General Moody’s office reflect the state’s commitment to consumer protection and the promotion of a fair and transparent marketplace for solar energy installations. By addressing deceptive practices head-on, Florida aims to foster trust and confidence among consumers while facilitating the transition to renewable energy sources.

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