Safety Alert: The 5 Most Cities in Michigan with Rising Crime Rates!


CybersecdnMichigan has a lot of different types of scenery, cultures, and towns. That being said, there are still places where crime and bloodshed are very high. The highest rates of violent crime per 1,000 people are found in these areas. This means that residents are more likely to be victims of violent crimes than the average person in Michigan. These are the five most dangerous areas in Michigan:


The 5 Most Cities in Michigan with Rising Crime Rates

With a population of 635,000, the city has a long history with the US auto business. It’s too bad that both physical and property crimes are more common there.

With a crime rate of 6,389 crimes per 100,000 people, Detroit is one of the most dangerous big towns in the United States. This is 248% more dangerous than the state average.

An estimated 1 in 44 people will be victims of a violent crime in 2021. That year, there were 330 killings, 1,850 robberies, and 11,565 assaults.


5 Most Dangerous Cities in Michigan

Jackson has a high rate of violent crime, which makes it one of the least safe towns in Michigan. There are 4,179 crimes for every 100,000 people in the city, which is 127% more dangerous than the average in Michigan.

In Jackson, the chance of being a target of a violent crime is 1 in 84. In 2021, there were 7 murders, 33 robberies, and 277 assaults. Property crime is also a big problem; there is a 1 in 31 chance that a person will become a victim.

Harper Woods

The 5 Most Cities in Michigan with Rising Crime Rates

It shouldn’t be a wonder that Harper Woods is one of the most dangerous places in Michigan; it’s in Wayne County, close to Detroit.

Harper Woods has 15,492 people, and its crime rate is 4,057 crimes per 100,000 people. This is 121% higher than the average Michigan city. A serious crime will happen to one out of every 108 people.

Muskegon Heights

The 5 Most Cities in Michigan with Rising Crime Rates

Muskegon Heights has a well-known high crime rate, even though it only has 10,730 people. Even though the city isn’t very big, there is a scary difference in the number of violent and property crimes. The general crime rate shot up to 5,390 incidents in 2022, which is 330% higher than the national average.

This is a scary number that means every person has a 1 in 19 chance of being a victim of any kind of crime. Notably, burglaries and property damage happen a lot more often than they should, and home attacks happen a lot.

Benton Harbor

The 5 Most Cities in Michigan with Rising Crime Rates

Benton Harbor is one of the most dangerous towns in Michigan. The city has 6,365 crimes for every 100,000 people, which is 246% more than the state average and makes it a safer place to live. One out of every 29 people will be victims of a serious crime.

Two people were killed, eleven things were stolen, and 285 people were assaulted in Benton Harbor in 2021. 69 thefts were reported in the same year, which shows how serious property crime is.

There are problems with the city’s economy, including a high rate of poverty, a resident income of $32,236 a year, and few job possibilities.

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To Conclude

The towns and landscapes in Michigan are very different, but the crime rates in some places are very high. Because they have high rates of violence and property crime, Detroit, Jackson, Harper Woods, Muskegon Heights, and Benton Harbor stand out.

A lot of the time, these problems are made worse by history, bad economic times, and limited options.

Remember that numbers only show a part of the story. Some strengths and opportunities are unique to each town. People, lawmakers, and neighborhood groups can work together to make everyone in Michigan’s future safer and brighter.

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