Safety Precautions: Curfews Implemented Following Times Square Incident!


Cybersecdn In response to a recent incident involving a 15-year-old migrant allegedly involved in a shooting in Times Square, the Adams administration is implementing curfew measures in several migrant shelters across New York City. The shooting incident, which occurred during a robbery in Times Square, has prompted Mayor Eric Adams to take action to address safety concerns.

Starting Monday, twenty Housing Preservation and Development (HPD)-run respite centers located across Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx will enforce a nightly curfew. Migrants staying at these shelters will be required to check in by 11 p.m. and remain indoors until 6 a.m. This directive, affecting over 3,600 migrants, aims to enhance safety measures and more efficiently manage bed capacity within the shelters.

The decision to implement curfews in these shelters aligns with existing curfew policies in place at homeless shelters throughout the city. A spokesperson from City Hall emphasized the city’s commitment to prioritizing the health and safety of both asylum seekers and residents.

 Curfews Implemented Following Times Square Incident

Mayor Eric Adams, in his first significant action addressing concerns raised by residents near migrant shelters, seeks to alleviate worries about safety and disturbances in the community. This move follows complaints from neighbors who have reported feeling overwhelmed by migrants soliciting door-to-door for food and clothing.

The expansion of curfew measures to twenty additional respite centers comes in the wake of the Times Square shooting involving a migrant teenager. The suspect, along with his mother, fled to Yonkers but was later apprehended by authorities. The affected shelters, primarily located in Manhattan, include well-known establishments such as the Imperial Hotel, The Gatsby Hotel, and the Redford Hotel. Notably, five of these shelters exclusively cater to single, adult men, accommodating a significant portion of the migrants subject to the new curfew rules.

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The decision to impose curfews at migrant shelters stemmed from ongoing complaints from NYC residents living near these facilities. Concerns about an “invasion” of migrants knocking on doors and soliciting money prompted authorities to take action to address community safety and well-being.

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