Survey Reveals: The Price of Pet Ownership and How to Cut Costs


People who have pets know that the costs of taking care of them can quickly be spent through any savings. Some people spend as much as a few thousand dollars a year on their pets. But when is that too much?

In a survey, people were asked to say how much they spent on their pets in the past year. 37% of people who had pets said they spent less than $600, and 35% said they spent between $601 and $1,200. Some (8%) said that taking care of their pets costs more than $2,000 a year.

Giving your pet the right care doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, though. You may be spending too much on pet care. Here are some signs and ways to cut back.

Expensive Vet Bills 

When it comes to vet bills, most people will do anything to make sure their furry friends get the care they need.

The American Pet Products Association (APPA) National Pet Owners Survey found that dog owners spent $700 on surgeries and regular visits to the vet over the course of a year, while cat owners spent about $379. If you spend more on your pet than most people, you can still save money.

How to Cut Back

Look around; prices at vets can change a lot. Get in touch with several clinics and find out how much a visit usually costs. Think about going to a veterinary school. Veterinary schools are usually less expensive than animal hospitals and clinics. The treatments are done by students, but a licensed professional watches over them.

Also, take a look into Charity Organizations. A national or local organization might be able to help you pay for your pet’s medical bills if you fail to do so.

Expensive Grooming services

Survey Reveals The Price of Pet Ownership and How to Cut Costs

A simple grooming for dogs can cost between $30 and $90, according to The Academy of Pet Careers. Some breeds might cost more or even need to be groomed more often. The price of services changes a lot because it depends on where you live and how qualified the groomer is.

How to cut back:

DIY Grooming yourself will save you money. Seek out a less expensive groomer. Call around to different groomers in your area and ask about their prices and services.
More often brush your pet: You might be able to go longer between grooming visits if you brush your pet more often.

Pet Insurance that Costs a Lot

Pet insurance works a lot like health insurance for people. When you buy a policy, you pay monthly payments and make claims for veterinary care that is covered by the insurance. If the claim is accepted, the insurance company will pay some of the vet bill back to you. The fees for pet insurance can get expensive, but they can help you save money on vet bills.

How to cut back:

Compare insurance companies: You can pick from a number of pet insurance businesses. Look at what each plan covers and how much it costs. Pick out the right coverage: Different kinds of pet care are covered by different types of pet insurance. Experian says that if you don’t get a service that you don’t need, you can save money.

Look for discounts. According to Experian, you might be able to get a discount on your pet insurance if you group it with another type of insurance, like your car or home insurance.


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It’s impossible to say enough about how important it is to have a pet in your life. Pets do a lot more for their owners than just keep them company. They help them in many social, physical, and mental ways. They give people pure love, friendship, and a sense of purpose, especially those who live alone or are going through hard times. But you must also ensure that you suffer no financial hardship just for living with your furry friends.

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