A District Bank Manager in Florida Stole More than $1,200 Worth of Goods from Several Target Self-Checkouts!


CybersecdnA disturbing case of theft has emerged involving a Wells Fargo District bank manager in Florida, who stands accused of pilfering from several Target stores across Tallahassee, Gainesville, and Ocala, according to law enforcement officials.

Ivey Weiss, the implicated bank manager, was apprehended after a series of incidents, the latest of which occurred at a Gainesville Target location on February 6. A vigilant loss prevention officer recognized Weiss during her visit, having previously identified her through her vehicle’s license plate number in connection with a separate shoplifting investigation.

Deputies allege that Weiss engaged in a pattern of theft, targeting multiple Target stores on nine different occasions. Her modus operandi involved loading her shopping cart with numerous items and only scanning a fraction of them at self-checkout. During her spree, Weiss purportedly stole a total of $1,281 worth of items, with bedding and LEGO toys being among her preferred loot.

Florida district bank manager stole over $1,200 worth of items at multiple  Target self-checkouts: Deputies

During her most recent attempt, Weiss scanned only two items totaling $4.83 and utilized a gift card to ostensibly pay for them. However, she left the store with a significant cache of unpaid merchandise amounting to $166.59, prompting her immediate arrest by law enforcement officers.


The case serves as a sobering reminder of the potential for abuse of trust, even within ostensibly reputable institutions. As the legal process unfolds, authorities seek to hold Weiss accountable for her actions and reinforce the consequences of criminal behavior, regardless of one’s professional background.

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In conclusion, the incidents detailed in these articles underscore the multifaceted nature of crime and the ongoing efforts of law enforcement agencies to ensure public safety and uphold justice within their respective jurisdictions.

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