Tennessee Off-Duty Officer Charged with Allegations of Misdemeanors After September 2023 Hit-And-Kill of Belmont Grad Student!


Cybersecdn- In a tragic turn of events that has gripped the community of Nashville, Tennessee, Alyssa Milligan, a graduate student at Belmont University, lost her life in a road accident involving an off-duty police officer. The incident, which occurred in September 2023, has since raised serious questions about road safety, accountability, and the treatment of such cases in the legal system.

Milligan, described by her peers as an avid cyclist, was riding along Highway 100 with a friend when the accident happened. The vehicle that struck her was driven by an off-duty police officer, a revelation that added layers of complexity to the already tragic incident.

Metro Police reported that the officer was cited with two misdemeanors: failure to yield the right of way involving death and failure by a driver to exercise due care. The decision to only cite the officer with misdemeanors has sparked a wave of concern and criticism. Lise Matthews, a fellow cyclist and friend of Milligan, expressed her dismay at the perceived leniency of the charges.

“The ticket that he got is not a reflection of the consequences of driving a vehicle and being able to take someone’s life with it,” Matthews said, encapsulating a sentiment shared by many in the community. Bryan Delius, the attorney representing the officer, has stated that his client is devastated by the incident.

Tennessee Off-Duty Officer Charged with Allegations of Misdemeanors After September 2023 Hit-And-Kill of Belmont Grad Student!He emphasized the officer’s dedication to law enforcement and public safety, framing the event as an unfortunate error in judgment. Delius also revealed that they have applied to the Davidson County district attorney’s office for pretrial diversion, a legal option that could suspend the case if certain conditions are met.

This incident has reignited discussions about cyclist safety in Middle Tennessee, a region that has seen a worrying increase in cyclist fatalities. Alvin Haney, a local cycling enthusiast, noted that such deaths are becoming alarmingly common, highlighting a recent case in Franklin where a cyclist was hit and killed by a driver charged with DUI.

In response to Milligan’s death and other similar incidents, advocates like Steve Caldwell are calling on state lawmakers to prioritize the creation of safer spaces for cyclists. “We would like to see the legislature work on creating safe spaces for cyclists so we can be out enjoying the roads and getting exercise just like everyone else wants to do,” Caldwell urged.

The aftermath of Milligan’s death goes beyond the immediate legal implications. It touches upon broader issues of road safety, the responsibilities of drivers (especially those in law enforcement), and the need for systemic changes to protect cyclists and pedestrians.

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Tennessee Off-Duty Officer Charged with Allegations of Misdemeanors After September 2023 Hit-And-Kill of Belmont Grad Student!The decision regarding pretrial diversion and the eventual outcome of the case will undoubtedly be scrutinized for its implications on justice, accountability, and the value placed on human life in traffic-related incidents. This incident serves as a somber reminder of the vulnerabilities faced by cyclists and the ongoing need for heightened awareness and proactive measures to ensure their safety on the roads.

The loss of Alyssa Milligan is not just a personal tragedy for her friends and family; it is a stark illustration of the risks faced by cyclists and a call to action for all stakeholders to work towards a safer, more considerate road-sharing environment.

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