Tennessee Traffic Stop Sparks Legal Battle: Mother Fights for Custody!


CybersecdnA Georgia mother has taken legal action after her children were removed from her custody during a traffic stop in Manchester, Tennessee, last year. The lawsuit, which targets the Coffee County Sheriff’s Department, Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) troopers, and Department of Children’s Services (DCS) employees, seeks justice for the traumatic separation experienced by Deonte Williams, Bianca Clayborne, and their five children.

In February of 2023, Williams and Clayborne, along with their children, were en route to a funeral in Chicago when they were pulled over by THP troopers on I-24. The reason for the stop was cited as tinted windows and driving in the left lane without passing. During the stop, troopers discovered five grams of marijuana and a firearm in Clayborne’s possession.

Although Clayborne was not arrested, Williams, a convicted felon, was taken into custody. The lawsuit alleges that despite the initial intention to leave the children with Clayborne, THP troopers escorted the entire family to the Coffee County Jail to be handed over to DCS.

Mother Fights for Custody

Subsequently, the lawsuit claims that DCS, along with local officers, forcibly separated the children from Clayborne, placing them in foster care for a staggering 55 days. The emotional toll on the family was immense, with Clayborne’s attorney, Tricia R. Herzfeld, highlighting the unnecessary trauma inflicted on the mother and her children.

The legal action aims to address the unjust detainment of Clayborne and the prolonged separation from her children. The attorney emphasized the severe consequences of the ordeal, including the drying up of Clayborne’s milk supply as she was breastfeeding the youngest child during their separation.

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The lawsuit underscores the need to rectify the wrongful actions taken during the traffic stop, seeking to vindicate the rights of the affected family and bring accountability to those responsible for the harm inflicted upon them.

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