The Tallest Buildings in New Hampshire: A Guide to the Granite State’s Architectural Gems


While New Hampshire may be renowned for its quaint New England style, towering skyscrapers aren’t typically associated with the state’s landscape.

However, there are indeed structures that pierce the sky, offering a glimpse into New Hampshire’s architectural heights. Let’s delve into the nine tallest buildings in the state, ranging from churches to residential high-rises, and uncover their stories.

Top Nine Tallest Structures Revealed

  1. Rev. Raymond Burns High Rise

Located in Manchester, the Reverend Raymond Burns High Rise stands as the ninth-tallest building in New Hampshire. 

This residential building, soaring 161 feet high with 13 floors, adds a touch of verticality to Manchester’s skyline.

  1. First Church of Christ Scientist

Constructed in 1903, the First Church of Christ Scientist in Concord reaches a towering height of 165 feet. 

With its Gothic architecture and captivating stained glass windows, this church not only serves as a religious landmark but also contributes to New Hampshire’s architectural diversity.

  1. South Congregational Church

Another testament to New Hampshire’s religious architecture, the South Congregational Church in Concord claims the seventh spot on our list, standing at 169 feet tall. 

Built in 1860, this church continues to grace the skyline with its historic presence.

  1. Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Located in Concord, the Sacred Heart Catholic Church reaches a height of 175 feet. Originally a church, it now serves as a residential building, offering a unique living experience amidst historic surroundings.

  1. Brady Sullivan Tower

Dominating Manchester’s skyline, the Brady Sullivan Tower stands at 180 feet with 14 floors. 

Serving as a hub for office spaces and retail establishments, this building contributes to the city’s bustling urban landscape.

  1. St. Mary & Archangel Michael Coptic Orthodox Church

Nestled in Nashua, this church rises to a height of 185 feet, boasting six floors of architectural grandeur. 

Originally known as St. Francis Xavier Rectory, it continues to be a prominent landmark in the city.

  1. Wall Street Tower Apartments

For those seeking urban living in Manchester, the Wall Street Tower Apartments offer a lofty abode. 

With 18 stories and a height of 223 feet, this residential tower provides a modern living experience in the heart of the city.

  1. Brady Sullivan Plaza

Another addition to Manchester’s skyline, the Brady Sullivan Plaza stands as the second-tallest building in New Hampshire, reaching an impressive height of 259 feet. 

Hosting 20 stories of office space, this building reflects the city’s commercial vibrancy.

  1. City Hall Plaza

Crowning the skyline of Manchester, the City Hall Plaza reigns supreme as the tallest building in New Hampshire, towering at 275 feet. 

With 20 floors of office space, this iconic structure symbolizes the city’s growth and development.

Unveiling New Hampshire’s Skyline 

While New Hampshire may be renowned for its quaint New England style, towering skyscrapers aren’t typically associated with the state’s landscape.

The landscape of New Hampshire, often celebrated for its picturesque New England charm, also boasts an array of towering structures that punctuate its skyline. 

From historic churches to modern residential towers and bustling office complexes, these nine tallest buildings offer a glimpse into the state’s architectural diversity and urban evolution. 

As these structures continue to shape the horizon of cities like Manchester, Concord, and Nashua, they stand as symbols of growth, innovation, and the enduring spirit of the Granite State. 

Whether admired for their historic significance, modern amenities, or sheer height, these buildings contribute to the rich tapestry of New Hampshire’s built environment, inviting residents and visitors alike to marvel at the heights reached in this corner of New England.

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