Texan Border Czar Hails “Unique” Work by Local Sheriffs to Assist a Border County in Rural Areas!


Cybersecdn Texas Border Czar Mike Banks visited the rural border county of Zapata in South Texas on Tuesday. He was accompanied by sheriffs from several other counties who brought resources to help the area fight illegal immigration and drugs coming across from Mexico.

Banks told Border Report, “It’s very different.” “On their own, the sheriffs have decided to use that pool of resources to work together and be more effective.”

The money comes from Operation Lone Star, which has spent more than $10 billion in the last two years and is Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s main border security plan. Through Operation Lone Star, counties that have declared emergencies because of illegal immigration can get money and other resources to help increase the number of police on the border.

Judge Joe Rathmell of Zapata County told Border Report that the county of only 14,000 people has gotten about $4 million in Operation Lone Star money over the past two years.

Texas Border Czar Praises 'Unique'

Chief of Police in Zapata County, Raymundo Del Bosque, says they need more help. And because Zapata County doesn’t have any cities, the sheriff can’t go to any local police forces or other law enforcement bodies.

This work together with sheriffs from other Texas counties is a lifesaver for him there.

“What they’re doing with the grant money they’re getting is amazing.” It should show the people of Texas that they are careful with their money. “They’re getting the most out of every dollar the state gives them. It’s unprecedented, and the results they’re getting are amazing,” Del Bosque told Banks and the sheriffs on Tuesday at the Zapata County Boat Ramp on Falcon Lake.

Banks and Del Bosque blessed two new boats bought by Zapata County with money from Operation Lone Star on Tuesday. The boats will be used in the Rio Grande and Falcon Lake. ent. Sheriff Roy Boyd of Goliad County, Texas, says that crime is up in his rural county because more people are coming to Texas.

“It’s very important because none of us have the tools we need to do the business that’s at hand, especially with the Biden administration’s open border policies running us over every day,” Boyd told Border Report.

He said that the average number of arrests in his 7,000-person town outside of Victoria, Texas, went from 77 per year to none. “Last year, we had over 450 under Biden.” There is a lot more crime and drugs. Smuggling people is on the rise. It is a complete mess. There aren’t enough of us to handle this huge amount of crime. On Tuesday, sheriffs from Jackson, Kleberg, and McMullen counties were also there. He was joined by the police chief for Falfurrias, Texas.

“As a commissioners’ court, we fully back Gov. Abbott’s efforts to keep the border safe.” “This kind of working together between county officials and county police, sheriffs, is very helpful,” Rathmell said. I think it’s great that the sheriff put this group together and shared resources, especially Operation Lone Star resources, to make the group stronger and bigger.

Two days before the event on Tuesday, 14 Republican governors met with Abbott in Eagle Pass, Texas, which is about 165 miles north, to back his Operation Lone Star plan.

Sheriff Raymundo Del Bosque of Zapata County looks over a new boat that was bought with money from Operation Lone Star to help guard the border. Del Bosque said that local police can give their officers extra hours to help with border security and that these extra hours are often necessary to increase the number of Border Patrol agents on the ground.

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“Their unwavering dedication and never-ending work show how determined they are to protect our borders and uphold the rule of law.” “Our goal is to protect the safety and peace of not only Zapata County but also the whole United States,” Del Bosque said.

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