Texas Had a Man Who Was Charged with Selling $16 Million Worth of Tainted HIV Drugs!


Armando Herrera, a 43-year-old Miami resident, was recently convicted for his role in a multi-state operation that involved the illegal distribution of contaminated HIV medications. This operation, with an estimated value of $16.7 million, compromised the health of countless individuals relying on these critical medications.

Herrera’s network, spanning across Florida, Washington, California, and Texas, was responsible for distributing over 16,000 tablets of adulterated HIV medication, including Truvada and Biktarvy, as well as other misbranded prescription drugs. These medications, sold to wholesale pharmaceutical companies, eventually made their way into clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies.

HIV meds had company in Texas

The severity of Herrera’s actions is underscored by the seizure of more than $1.5 million worth of these contaminated drugs by federal agents. This case, investigated by agencies including Homeland Security, the FDIC’s Office of the Inspector General, and the FBI, highlights the risks of pharmaceutical fraud and the importance of stringent oversight in drug distribution.

Herrera’s conviction is part of a larger initiative by the Justice Department to combat healthcare fraud, demonstrating the ongoing efforts to ensure the safety and integrity of medications in the healthcare system.

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