A Man 72 Years Old Was Arrested in The Parking Lot of The Edmond Walmart!


cybersecdn- In a startling incident at an Edmond Walmart parking lot, a 72-year-old man named Earnest Bean was taken into custody following a heated altercation. This dispute, rooted in a parking spot disagreement, rapidly escalated into a dangerous situation. According to Edmond police, Bean, in a fit of anger, struck an individual with his truck, pinning them against a pole.

The intensity of Bean’s actions was such that his vehicular acceleration stripped paint from the road surface. Notably, police found a loaded 40-caliber gun in his possession, adding a severe dimension to the incident.

A Man 72 Years Old Was Arrested

Bean’s admission to the police was stark and unsettling. He conceded that his initial threat to hit the victim was a mistake but disturbingly justified it by stating he is a “man of his word.” Despite acknowledging his wrongdoing, this incident raises significant concerns about impulse control and public safety, especially among senior citizens.

Bean’s cooperation with law enforcement was noted in the report, but the implications of such an event remain alarming, highlighting issues surrounding anger management and firearm possession among the elderly.

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