Today’s New York Times Connections: December 23 Hints and Answers!


cybersecdn- The most recent popular word game published by the New York Times is Connections. The goal of the game is to identify “common threads between words.” The new sets of words in Connections get progressively more difficult after midnight, exactly like in Wordle, therefore we’ve provided some pointers to help you pass this test.

You can skip to the bottom of the page for the December 23 Connections solution if you’re only interested in today’s challenge. Here are some hints, suggestions, and methods to help you solve it on your own if that’s more your style.

What is Connections?

The New York Times’s newest daily word game is trending on social media. The new word game was co-created by Wyna Liu, an associate puzzle editor at The Times, who was also responsible for introducing it to the Games section of the publication. The word game Connections is playable on mobile devices and desktop browsers alike, and it challenges players to form groups of four words that share a common denominator.

There are sixteen words in each puzzle, and there are four different ways to classify each set of words. Titles of books, programs, countries, etc., could make up these sets. Several words may appear to go together, but in fact, there is just one right choice.

NYT 'Connections' Hints

A group of four words is removed from the board if all four of them are correctly identified by the player. Players can make a maximum of four mistakes before the game is over if they guess incorrectly.

If players want to make it simpler to spot connections, they can shuffle or rearrange the board. In addition, the groups are color-coded, with yellow being the easiest, green, blue, and purple following. Just like Wordle, you can easily share the results on social media with your friends.

Here’s a Hint for Today’s Connections Categories

Looking for a hit regarding the categories that don’t involve being told what they are? After that, try these:

Yellow: Transportation options

Sustainable: to facilitate

Blue: A small amount

Varieties of Purple Berries

Every category for today’s Connections is listed here.

Want Some More Assistance?

The connections that have been made today can be classified as follows:

Transportation Options: Yellow

Interested in Being Involved: Green

A Tiny Bit of Blue, Used in a Recipe

___Berry: Purple

Are you prepared to receive the answers now? You have one more opportunity to return to today’s puzzle before we reveal the answers.

Please, roll the drums!

Response #195 to the Connections puzzle is…

What Is the Answer to Connections Today?

  • Means of Transportation: BOAT, CAR, PLANE, TRANSPORTATION
  • Willing to Participate: DOWN, GAME, IN, ON BOARD
  • Little Bit, In A Recipe: DASH, DROP, PINCH, SPLASH
  • ___Berry: BLUE, GOOSE, RASP, STRAW

Don’t beat yourself up if you were wrong this time. Tomorrow, we’ll be back to provide you with more useful advice and new Connections to challenge your intellect.

Would you say this isn’t the Connections game you were after? For yesterday’s Connections, here are the clues and solutions.

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