Texas’s TGI Fridays Is Closing Down 4 Restaurants!


Cybersecdn- TGI Fridays, a renowned global restaurant chain, is experiencing a significant shift in its operations. This change has led to the closure of four of its Texas locations as part of a larger strategy that affects 36 restaurants nationwide. Notably, TGI Fridays boasts an impressive portfolio of 850 locations globally, with 278 in the United States. The recent closures in Texas include restaurants in Corpus Christi, North Arlington, Houston, and The Woodlands.

TGI Fridays

The decision for these closures, confirmed by TGI Fridays, is attributed to the performance of these specific outlets. Interestingly, New Jersey witnessed the most significant impact, with seven restaurant closures. These changes are part of the company’s growth strategy, which also involves selling eight of its northeast locations to former CEO Ray Blanchette.

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In a separate incident, TGI Fridays faced a lawsuit in Illinois over the use of cheddar cheese in their mozzarella sticks, although it’s unclear if this influenced the closures. With no TGI Fridays in El Paso, the city remains unaffected by these changes. Despite this, popular chains like Hooters, Chili’s, and Applebee’s continue to thrive in the region.

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