This New Jersey Bagel Shop Offers Amazing Assortments of Bagels in Delightful Combinations!


Carlos’ Bagel Shop in Hawthorne, New Jersey, has come up with an innovative way to serve bagels and cream cheese. The shop is offering a bagel flight that allows customers to try four different mini bagels and four different types of cream cheese.

The mini bagels are a little less than half the size of a normal bagel and come in plain, sesame, everything, and French toast flavors. The cream cheese options, which rotate, include s’mores, strawberry, chocolate chip, walnut raisin, scallion, vegetable, jalapeño, olive, and lox spread.

The idea for the bagel flight came to owner Juliana Ospina as she brainstormed ways to give customers a chance to try more of their cream cheeses. She was inspired by breweries that offer beer flights so people can try several beers. Ospina thought, why not try the same thing with bagels? And thus, Carlos’ Bagel Shop’s bagel and cream cheese flights were born.

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The inventive cream cheese flavors at Carlos’ Bagel Shop are so enticing that customers often ask for samples. Chocolate chip cream cheese, s’mores cream cheese, and pumpkin spice cream cheese are just a few of the flavors that Ospina and her team have come up with.

If they can dream it up, they make it, especially if it’s seasonal. “A lot of people come in and they’re like, ‘Oh, wow. What does that taste like?’” Ospina told NJ Advance Media.

The bagel flight is perfect for indecisive bagel fans or for people who simply want to get creative with their combos. For $12, customers can select four different mini bagels and four different types of cream cheese. The bagel flight is available for a limited time, so hurry up and try it before it’s gone.

Carlos’ Bagel Shop’s bagel and cream cheese flights are a unique and delicious way to enjoy bagels and cream cheese. The shop’s inventive cream cheese flavors and mini bagels make for a fun and tasty experience. If you’re in the Hawthorne area, be sure to stop by Carlos’ Bagel Shop and try their bagel flight.

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