Three Babies Born on Rare Leap Day at Ohio Hospital, Each Weighing 7 Pounds!


CybersecdnIn a rare occurrence, Trinity Health System in Steubenville, Ohio, welcomed three “leaplings” into the world on February 29th, 2024. With only a 1 in 1500 chance of being born on leap day, the births of Baby Gianna, Baby Leona, and Baby Emery were indeed special events.

Adding to the extraordinary coincidence, all three babies are girls, each weighing 7 pounds at birth. Their shared birthday, occurring only once every four years adds to the uniqueness of their arrival.

Parents Brianna and Matt Emery express their excitement, particularly Matt, who had hoped for a leap-year baby and promised Brianna a cruise if their child was born on February 29th. For them, their daughter Leona is a “little miracle baby” after years of trying to conceive.

Similarly, Samantha and Stephen Goodrich, parents of leap day baby Gianna, also express their joy at having a child with such a special birthday. They view their daughter’s leap-year birthday as something that sets her apart and makes her truly unique.

Long Beach children's hospital celebrates Leap Day babies – Press Telegram

Despite superstitions in some cultures associating leap day births with bad luck, these parents see their daughters’ birthdays as a cause for celebration and a reminder of their uniqueness. With only around 4.8 million “leaplings” in the world, the odds of being born on February 29th are indeed rare.

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As these three families celebrate the arrival of their daughters, they look forward to the special celebrations that will occur every four years on their shared birthday. The births of Baby Gianna, Baby Leona, and Baby Emery serve as reminders of the joy and wonder that new life brings, regardless of the day on which it arrives.

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