Trafficking Innocence: Texas Woman and Ohio Couple Arrested for Child Sale!


CybersecdnIn a disturbing case originating from Southeast Texas, a woman from Orange and a couple from Ohio have been indicted on felony charges linked to the sale of a baby in connection with an adoption in 2022. Harley Dee Matthews, 28, from Orange, and Mitchell and Jerrica Jeane, from Ohio, face charges related to the sale or purchase of a child and health care fraud.

The allegations surfaced after investigations conducted by Lumberton Police and the Texas Department of Public Safety. Matthews and Jerrica Jeane, both 34, are charged with third-degree felonies, with bonds totaling $20,000 each. Mitchell Leigh Jeane, 34, faces additional charges from 2011 related to the sexual assault of a different child.

"Trafficking Innocence: Texas Woman and Ohio Couple Arrested for Child Sale"


The scheme reportedly began when Matthews, facing financial difficulties, made arrangements with the Jeane couple to adopt her child for $5,000. The transaction allegedly involved Matthews assuming Jerrica’s identity for insurance purposes and filing fraudulent insurance claims. The child’s birth occurred under false identities, prompting investigations when discrepancies were noticed by hospital staff.

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The indictment specifies that the money exchanged did not serve any lawful adoption purpose, highlighting the seriousness of the charges. The involvement of law enforcement agencies, including the Beaumont Police Department and the Texas Department of Public Safety, underscores the gravity of the situation.

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