Shocking Plot Uncovered: Couple’s Baby Buying and Selling Scheme Exposed!


CybersecdnA shocking revelation has emerged from Orange, Texas, where a harrowing scheme involving the sale of a child and allegations of insurance fraud has gripped the community. Harley Dee Matthews, a 28-year-old woman from Orange, stands accused of orchestrating a disturbing plot, along with a couple from Ohio, to sell her own child. The couple in question, identified as Mitchell and Jerrica Jeane, both 34, voluntarily turned themselves in to authorities, shedding light on a deeply troubling series of events.

The intricacies of this scheme paint a picture of desperation and deceit. Matthews, facing dire financial circumstances, allegedly conspired with the Jeane couple to relinquish her child for a sum of $5,000. This agreement, however, extended beyond mere monetary exchange. Matthews purportedly assumed the identity of Jerrica, including her name, Social Security number, and ID, for insurance purposes, to receive prenatal and medical services. The birth of the child was shrouded in deception, with Jerrica’s name appearing on the birth certificate instead of Matthews’.

The unraveling of this elaborate facade occurred when discrepancies were noticed by vigilant hospital staff at Christus Hospital St. Elizabeth in Beaumont. A nurse, familiar with Jerrica, became suspicious when Matthews, accompanied by Mitchell Jeane, was observed using Jerrica’s identity. Further investigation revealed the extent of the deception, prompting law enforcement agencies to intervene.

Lumberton Police Sergeant Chad Wilson, one of the investigators on the case, sheds light on the gravity of the situation. Matthews, along with the Jeane couple, faces indictments for charges including buying and selling a child, as well as health care fraud. Bonds totaling $10,000 have been set for each charge, reflecting the severity of the allegations.

Shocking Plot Uncovered: Couple's Baby Buying and Selling Scheme Exposed"

The involvement of law enforcement agencies, including the Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Investigation’s Division, underscores the seriousness of the matter. As Matthews and the Jeane couple cooperate with authorities, the community grapples with the implications of such egregious actions.

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The intricacies of this case serve as a stark reminder of the lengths some individuals will go to in times of desperation. As the investigation unfolds, the community remains vigilant, seeking justice for the innocent child caught amid this troubling saga.

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