Tragedy Unfolds: Vibez Bar Shooter Found Guilty of Manslaughter!


CybersecdnIn a tragic incident that shook the community, Markeith Buchanan, a 25-year-old resident of Schenectady, was convicted of first-degree manslaughter for the fatal shooting of 24-year-old John Bass outside Vibez Bar & Lounge on State Street in 2021. The sequence of events leading to this grim outcome unfolded amidst a dispute between the two individuals, resulting in dire consequences.

According to reports from the Schenectady County District Attorney’s Office, the altercation between Buchanan and Bass, who shared a history dating back to their middle school days, escalated into a physical confrontation outside the bar.

In a moment of heated tension, Bass reportedly struck Buchanan, knocking him to the ground. Subsequently, Buchanan retrieved a firearm from his car and returned to the scene, where a verbal exchange ensued before Buchanan discharged a single fatal shot at Bass.

Tragedy Unfolds: Vibez Bar Shooter Found Guilty of Manslaughter

The gunshot wound inflicted severe injuries upon Bass, with the bullet traversing his right arm, penetrating his torso, and causing lacerations to vital organs, including his aorta artery. Despite immediate medical attention upon his arrival at the hospital, Bass succumbed to his injuries, leaving behind a grieving family and a shocked community.

Following the shooting, Buchanan fled the scene, evading law enforcement for two months. During this period, he took measures to conceal his whereabouts, changing his phone number and abstaining from social media in a bid to evade capture. However, Buchanan’s efforts to elude authorities ultimately proved futile, as he was apprehended in Schenectady on September 20, 2022, marking the end of his evasion.

During the trial proceedings, Buchanan maintained that he did not harbor intentions of causing harm to Bass, asserting that he discarded the firearm into the nearby Hudson River. However, the jury’s verdict, which found Buchanan guilty of first-degree manslaughter and two counts of criminal possession of a weapon, reflected a different interpretation of events. Despite being acquitted of a second-degree murder charge, Buchanan’s conviction underscored the gravity of his actions and the irreversible consequences thereof.

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District Attorney Robert Carney, reflecting on the trial’s outcome, emphasized the broader ramifications of senseless gun violence, lamenting its toll on both individual lives and community cohesion. The tragic loss of John Bass serves as a stark reminder of the devastating repercussions of violence, underscoring the imperative for proactive measures to address underlying social issues and prevent similar tragedies from unfolding in the future.

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