TN11 Proposes Five Gun Safety Measures for Upcoming Legislative Session!


Cybersecdn-In Tennessee, a diverse group known as TN11, part of the nonpartisan organization Starts With Us, is making strides in gun safety legislation. After Tennessee lawmakers failed to pass significant gun safety measures in 2023, TN11, composed of individuals from various backgrounds including a firearms instructor, a pastor, and a public safety official, has developed five innovative proposals for consideration in the 2024 legislative session.

TN11’s approach is grounded in community involvement and practicality. They have notably avoided suggesting bans on specific types of weapons or overly restrictive purchase laws. Instead, their proposals focus on pragmatic solutions like the temporary removal of firearms in situations posing a threat to public safety, tools to support responsible gun ownership, and the expansion of roles for School Resource Officers (SROs) to include de-escalation and threat assessment training.

TN11 Proposes Five Gun Safety

Additionally, TN11 recommends community investments to reduce trauma and improve mental health, coupled with the creation of comprehensive gun issue literacy resources. These resources are aimed at various societal segments, including schools and the media, to foster a better understanding of gun use, risks, and safety measures.

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The group’s unique composition and collaborative process underscore their commitment to finding balanced and effective solutions to gun safety. Their efforts are a testament to the power of collective action and dialogue in addressing complex social issues.

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