Emergency Alerts in NJ: High Winds May Knock Out Power!


Cybersecdn- New Jersey faces a formidable challenge as several counties, particularly along the Jersey Shore, grapple with a High Wind Warning. The warning, effective from Tuesday through Wednesday morning, forecasts winds reaching up to 70 mph, raising significant concerns about potential power outages and public safety.

The impact of the strong winds was already evident on Tuesday, with gusts of 30-40 mph causing flags to stand at attention in Weehawken and a fallen tree in South Brunswick disrupting power for over a dozen customers. This event is indicative of what might be a widespread issue across the Tri-State Area.

 High Winds May Knock Out Power

In response to the escalating situation, the Port Authority imposed a 35 mph speed limit on the Bayonne Bridge, alongside a ban on certain high-profile vehicles. Meanwhile, power outages have affected nearly 20,000 PSE&G NJ customers and over 6,000 JCP&L customers, primarily in northern New Jersey.

JCP&L, proactively addressing the crisis, has nearly doubled its restoration personnel to more than 700 line workers. However, the full extent of the outages and the duration of power restoration efforts hinge heavily on the progression of the storm. Christopher Hoenig from JCP&L advises residents to prepare with essentials like batteries and to exercise caution, especially regarding floodwaters and downed power lines.

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This storm serves as a stark reminder of the challenges posed by extreme weather conditions and the importance of emergency preparedness and swift response measures in ensuring public safety and infrastructure resilience.

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