Tragedy Strikes Mali: Over 70 Lives Lost in Informal Gold Mine Collapse


In a devastating incident, more than 70 people have lost their lives after an unregulated gold mine collapsed in Mali late last week.

The tragedy occurred in the Kangaba district in the southwestern Koulikoro region, sparking ongoing search efforts amid fears that the death toll could rise further.

Ongoing Search Amid Fears of Rising Death Toll

Karim Berthé, a senior official at Mali’s National Geology and Mining Directorate, confirmed the details and described the collapse as an accident. The collapse was reported on Tuesday, though it took place on Friday, and the cause remains unclear at this time.

Artisanal miners, operating on a small-scale and informally, are often accused of disregarding safety measures, especially in remote areas. Mali, Africa’s third-largest gold producer, has witnessed similar accidents in the past, making it a concerning pattern within the country.

Such incidents have prompted calls for better regulation in the artisanal mining sector. Berthé emphasized the need for the state to bring order to the sector to prevent future accidents. The Ministry of Mines, in a statement, expressed deep regret over the collapse and urged miners and communities near mining sites to comply with safety requirements.

Concerns in Mali: Addressing Mining Risks Amidst Regional Collapse

In a devastating incident, more than 70 people have lost their lives after an unregulated gold mine collapsed in Mali late last week.

The region where the collapse occurred is far south of northern Mali, where concerns have been raised about unregulated mining profits potentially benefiting Islamic extremists.

In recent years, there has been a push to address the risks associated with uncontrolled mining activities, especially in the north of the country.

Gold holds significant economic importance for Mali, constituting over 80% of its total exports in 2021, according to the International Trade Administration with the US Department of Commerce

The mining sector provides income for more than two million people, representing over 10% of Mali’s population. Despite its economic significance, concerns about safety, regulation, and potential exploitation by extremist groups persist.

The Ministry of Mines estimates that Mali possesses 800 tons of gold deposits. As the search for survivors continues and investigations into the cause of the collapse unfold, the incident sheds light on the urgent need for improved safety measures and regulatory oversight in Mali’s mining industry to prevent such tragedies in the future.

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