YouTube Power Play: Dive into the World of Gaming Culture with YouTube’s ‘Game On!’


YouTube is expanding its gaming horizons by offering premium subscribers access to a diverse collection of over 37 online games. 

Originally tested with a select group in September, the platform has now rolled out its gaming feature to a broader audience.

Discovering Fun

Premium members can play these games instantly without any need for downloads, supporting Android, iOS, and desktop browsers.

The new feature, labeled ‘Playables,’ can be found by scrolling down on the Home screen or accessing the Explore menu on both desktop and mobile devices. 

The selection includes popular titles like Daily Solitaire, The Daily Crossword, Angry Birds Showdown, Merge Pirates, Farm Land, Words of Wonder, Endless Siege, 8 Ball Billiards Classic, and Brain Out.

While YouTube indicates that the games will be playable until March 28th, it’s unclear if they will remain accessible afterward. 

YouTube Tests Features

YouTube is expanding its gaming horizons by offering Premium subscribers access to a diverse collection of over 37 online games.

YouTube often tests new features with its Premium members before deciding on a wider rollout. The introduction of these games could also be seen as a move to sweeten the deal for Premium subscribers, who recently experienced a subscription rate increase to $13.99.

In addition to gaming, YouTube has introduced several exclusive features for Premium members, including enhanced-bitrate 1080p HD versions on a broader range of devices. 

The platform now allows uninterrupted viewing across various devices, such as smart TVs and tablets. YouTube has also introduced badges highlighting achievements and unveiled new offers on the Premium Benefits page, enhancing the overall experience for its premium user base.

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