A Florida Senior is Jailed for Making Threats Against Rep. Eric Swalwell!


Cybersecdn- A 72-year-old Florida man, Michael Shapiro, has been arrested and charged with making threatening voicemails against Rep. Eric Swalwell and his children. The incident has raised significant concerns about the safety of public officials and the increasing prevalence of political violence in America.

Shapiro, from Greenacres, Florida, left a series of alarming voicemails at Swalwell’s congressional office in Washington, D.C. These messages, made on December 19, included explicit threats to “come after you and kill you” and “come and kill your children.” Additionally, the voicemails referenced Swalwell’s alleged connections to a suspected Chinese intelligence operative, Christine Fang.

This connection was investigated by the House Ethics Committee, which took no disciplinary action against Swalwell. This is not the first time Shapiro has been involved in such activities. He had previously pleaded guilty in 2019 to making threatening communications to another victim.

After his recent arrest, Shapiro was released on bail with his arraignment scheduled for January 24. His history of making threats and the seriousness of the current allegations underscore the ongoing concerns regarding threats to public officials. Rep. Swalwell, confirming he and his family were the targets of these threats, emphasized the importance of resolving differences through democratic means and condemned the use of threats and violence.

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He highlighted the impact of such threats on his family and his work, stating that these challenges would not deter him from representing his constituents. Shapiro’s arrest comes amid a broader trend of increasing threats against public officials and political candidates.

This worrying pattern underscores the need for heightened security measures and continued vigilance to protect those serving in public office. This case serves as a stark reminder of the volatile political climate and the challenges faced by public figures in maintaining their safety and the safety of their families.

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