An Alabama Woman Speaks out About Racist Attitudes She Experienced at An Orange Beach Movie Theater!


Cybersecdn- The unsettling incident of racial harassment at the AMC Classic movie theater in Orange Beach, Alabama, has raised serious concerns about racial sensitivity and public safety. Kolo Wilkinson, along with her sister and best friend, faced unprovoked racial slurs from a group of teenage boys, an act that has been condemned by the community and law enforcement.

Wilkinson, who attended the movie screening as a tribute to her mother and the influential book “The Color Purple,” experienced this disrespect in a space where she sought entertainment and solace. The incident began with a physical assault, as a box of crackers was thrown at them, followed by the teenagers hurling racial slurs.

Despite efforts to confront the perpetrators, they managed to flee the scene. The response from Orange Beach Police has been proactive. Although there was no audio or video evidence, the department has been able to track down the teenagers involved, all of whom are under 16 years old, through witness statements.

An Alabama Woman Speaks out About Racist Attitudes She Experienced at An Orange Beach Movie Theater!

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While the actions of these youths may not constitute a hate crime legally, they have been referred to a juvenile probation officer for further action. This incident, unfortunately, is not isolated. The theater manager acknowledged that similar incidents have occurred over the past six months, causing not only financial loss but also a significant emotional toll on the community.

Wilkinson’s experience has sparked a broader conversation about ensuring safety and respect in public spaces, particularly for minority communities. The need for increased awareness and stringent measures against such racially motivated acts is more pressing than ever.

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