David Burke’s Dixie Lee Bakery Starts the Valentine’s Day Trend!


CybersecdnYou should know what a Black and White Cookie is if you’re from New Jersey. But have you heard of a Pink and White Cookie? With their new Pink and White Cookies, David Burke’s Dixie Lee Bakery in Keyport, New Jersey, has broken the glass ceiling when it comes to Valentine’s Day treats. Because of this, these tasty twists on the NJ treat are now sought after by everyone and their mother.

What is a Black and White Cookie?

The cookies were first sold in restaurants in the 1900s, in a bakery in upstate New York. The cookies are famous for their size, look, taste, and make-up, but no one knows if they come from Germany or Italy. The cookie itself feels like cake and tastes slightly like lemon. They are always four inches wide and have a mix of chocolate and vanilla filling on top. Today, you can find them in most restaurants, if not all of them. They look like no other dessert.

Dixie Lee Bakery By David Burke

Dixie Lee was very brave when she chose a Pink and White Cookie instead of a Black and White Cookie because they are so different from each other. It is important to note that the Dixie Lee Pink and White Cookie is not the same as a Black and White Cookie. The ones made by Dixie Lee have a hint of strawberry flavor that makes the cookies taste different and better.

A unique cookie from the restaurant is making people all over New Jersey go crazy for it, so the idea worked. If you’re looking to fall in love, Dixie Lee’s Pink and White Cookies are the way to go. You can only get them at Dixie Lee Bakery by David Burke on Valentine’s Day.

The Keyport Dixie Lee Bakery has been open for almost one hundred years. Ever since Chef David Burke bought the bakery almost two years ago, he has broken his promise to keep the bakery’s name and reputation in Central New Jersey.

Families from all over the state still go to the shop for sweets. People are drawn to these cookies for a good reason: they know the past of the bakery and how hard it is to get their hands on their Pink and White Cookies. Dixie Lee Bakery has been around for almost 100 years, and their creative take on a famous dessert has made them stand out and reminded people why they’ve been around for so long.

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“They are a play on our well-known Black and Whites. They were made by hand with love and care.” “A really sweet touch for St. Valentine’s Day, and love for February 14!” – David Burke, Chef

You should go to David Burke’s Dixie Lee Bakery in Keyport, New Jersey, to see what all the fuss is about and to help the bakery become a leader in its field.

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