Pizza Hut Eases the Heartache of Breakups Just in Time for Valentine’s Day!


CybersecdnPizza Hut knows how difficult it is to go through a breakup, particularly in the days leading up to a special holiday like Valentine’s Day. Pizza Hut is ready to assist in making the unpleasant task simpler, but sometimes you just want to remove the band-aid.

Pizza Hut claims that many believe that couples whose marriages are falling apart would stay together until after Valentine’s Day, but studies have shown that this isn’t necessarily the case. Actually, nearly half of all respondents (45%) think it’s better to finish everything before the holiday.

The most common day to end a relationship is “Red Tuesday,” the Tuesday preceding Valentine’s Day. The Hot Honey “Goodbye Pies” are a special edition that Pizza Hut is releasing this year from now until Valentine’s Day.

Goodbye Pies allows you to avoid the uncomfortable conversation that usually comes with breaking up with a partner by having pizza delivered instead. You can personalize the packaging for your goodbye pie. There is a place to write the sender’s name on each of the boxes.

Marinara sauce, mozzarella, classic pepperoni, and cupped pepperoni top a pizza crust in Hot Honey Pizza Goodbye Pies. An enticing drizzle of real honey spiked with jalapeño peppers would be the ideal accompaniment to the cupped pepperoni.

Pizza Hut Helps Ease the Pain of Relationship Break Ups Before Valentine's  Day | Tracy Stengel | NewsBreak Original

Through Valentine’s Day, you can visit this page for a chance to send a complimentary Goodbye Pie from certain locations in New York City, Chicago, or Miami. Pizza Hut will write a breakup text and include a link to a free Hot Honey Pie for your future ex if you live outside of those three cities. Just visit the website to make your request. Act quickly because supplies are limited!

Along with Pizza Hut’s new Hot Honey Wings, you can find the Hot Honey Pizza all over the country. You can choose between wings with and without a bone. Coated in hot honey, they are served with a sweet and spicy twist.

First and foremost, everyone knows that communication is key to a healthy relationship. The date of Alexander Graham Bell’s patent application for the telephone—February 14, 1876—is appropriate. Even though phones have gone a long way since their invention, they are still the go-to method for many of us to keep in touch with those we care about.

Number two interesting fact: being single on Valentine’s Day isn’t fun for anyone. Galentine’s Day is an entirely fictional celebration that originated in a Parks and Recreation episode from fourteen years ago. In the time after, annual spending on Galentine’s Day gift exchanges among friends nearly tripled, reaching $1.6 billion.

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Would you ever use a Goodbye Pie to end a relationship? Just imagine how you’d react if someone did that to you. Would you prefer to wait till after a big event or Valentine’s Day to break a relationship, or do you believe it’s more compassionate to do it before? Post your most memorable and least memorable breakup anecdotes in the comments!

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