Elementary School Teacher Arrested after Staff found her High on Drugs in Virginia; Husband caught with Stash of Drugs and Kid


A Virginia elementary school’s school security officer arrested a second-grade teacher on Thursday because they saw her high on drugs in the classroom.

At Fredericksburg’s Spotswood Elementary School, the school security officer saw that 35-year-old Candyce Leigh Carter seemed to be high at school. Police said that more investigation revealed what they thought were drugs in her classroom.

The Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office said Carter was arrested for felony possession of schedule I/II drugs, felony child endangering, and felony child neglect or abuse.

Carter’s husband was found in a car in the school parking lot during the incident. He was also thought to be high on drugs and needed medical help, police said.

A 2-year-old child was found in the car with the husband, who was named Kristopher Donald Carter, 34, also from Spotsylvania. The police said he was jailed for felony child endangerment and felony child neglect or abuse.

At the Rappahannock Regional Jail, both Carters have been locked up. There is no bond on Candyce Carter’s release. Kevin Carter is in jail with a $5,000 bond.

The arrest was made with help from Spotsylvania Social Services and the school’s leadership.

“No students reported injuries or exposure, but were checked by medical personnel out of abundance of caution and the classroom was professionally cleaned,” the sheriff’s office said.

Fox 5 D.C. reported that Spotsylvania County School Board member Lisa Phelps thanked police for their work in a statement.

“I am thankful that the kids of Spotsylvania County were not impacted by the drugs through direct contact. I know that there is a presence of drugs in our schools, adults and children alike. I have expressed my concerns publicly at school board meetings, repeatedly,” Phelps said.

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