Riverside County Family Arrested in Multi-County Theft Spree Targeting Southern California Stores: Authorities


A family from Riverside County has been apprehended for their involvement in a string of thefts that specifically targeted various stores throughout Southern California.

The individuals involved, who are all from Jurupa Valley, have been identified by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. They are:

  • Thomas Balandran, 50
  • Sherri Alvarez, 48
  • Brianna Balandran, 19
  • Unidentified juvenile, 17

Deputies were called to a business in Temecula on April 24, where individuals tried to make off with merchandise valued at over $1,000.

Investigators have successfully identified the suspects behind a series of retail thefts spanning across Riverside, San Bernardino, and Los Angeles counties. According to authorities, the family is said to have taken items worth over $7,000 during those incidents.

A search warrant was executed at a residence in Jurupa Valley on May 13, in the 6800 block of Valley Way.

During the search, deputies discovered a significant quantity of stolen merchandise, complete with intact price tags. Additional items, such as narcotics and paraphernalia, were discovered within the residence.

Investigators discovered that there were more residences involved in the thefts, where individuals knowingly purchased stolen items with the intention of reselling them for personal gain, a practice commonly referred to as “fencing.”

Moreno Valley sees two more warrants served, resulting in the recovery of over $3,000 worth of stolen items.

The adult family members have been apprehended for engaging in organized retail theft, burglary, conspiracy, and grand theft. A 17-year-old juvenile has been released to a family member, and charges will be filed with juvenile probation.

Deputies found that Balandran was on probation for grand theft during that time, leading to additional charges for violating probation and drug-related offenses.

Investigators suspect that there may be additional retail thefts involving the family that have gone unreported.

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