Governor Hochul of New York Will Open 40 New Marijuana Dispensaries Across the State by The End of The Year!


New York Governor Kathy Hochul says she wants to open about 40 new stores for adults to use cannabis across the state by the end of 2023. Twelve of these businesses are run by black people. Only 0.2% of dispensaries in the United States are mostly owned by Black people, but over 20% of dispensaries in New York State are. In cities like Brooklyn, SoHo, the Upper East Side, Westchester, Rochester, Troy, and Amsterdam, the new shops will open.

These new shops are part of the state’s plan to grow the legal cannabis market for adults. New York State plans to have at least 37 clinics for adults by December. These will make it possible for people in New York to get licensed, safe cannabis products that meet the state’s safety guidelines.

Governor Hochul stressed that the state is dedicated to a fair and safe cannabis business. She said, “As New York’s cannabis market grows, my administration is dedicated to creating a secure domain for all New Yorkers that will help our local business community.” The new dispensaries will also help enforce the state’s rules and make the legal market stronger, she said.

Governor Hochul


One-eighth of the new shops will be owned by Black people, five by Hispanic people, and nine by women. This is proof that New York wants the weed market to be open to everyone. Even though they have been sued and had court orders against them, New York business owners have kept going in the cannabis market.

Governor Hochul passed a law in May to control sales of cannabis without a license. Officers from the Department of Taxation and Finance and the Office of Cannabis Management have been checking out shops and taking things since June.

350 sites have been checked, and 88 have been checked again. As a result, over 11 kg of illegal cannabis worth more than $54 million has been seized. Inspections will keep happening every week all over the state.

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