Trump’s Challenge to The N.Y. Civil Trial Gag Order Is Turned Down by The Appeals Court!


December 15 (UPI) — Donald Trump’s latest attempt to get rid of a partial gag order that stops him and his staff from talking about the judge’s staff in his $250 million civil fraud case in public was turned down again by a New York appeals court.

The four-judge panel said in its decision Thursday that Trump’s lawyer had used the wrong process to challenge the gag order, so the request to lift it was denied. He should have used the “proper method of review,” the panel said, and if their request is turned down, they could go to a higher court and try again.

The court also said that the writ of prohibition his council had asked for is “an extraordinary remedy,” and that many things must be taken into account when deciding if it is necessary, such as how much harm will be done if the request is turned down.

“Here, the gravity of potential harm is small, given that the gag order is narrow, limited to prohibiting solely statements regarding the court’s staff,” the panel stated. The gag order was first put in place on October 3 after Trump said hurtful things about one of Judge Arthur Engoron’s workers on his social media site, Truth Social. Then, on November 3, his lawyer was added to it.

Then, on Nov. 16, an appeals court in New York lifted the orders. They were put back in place on Nov. 30. On Thursday, the appellate court also turned down Trump’s request for a higher court to look over his case.

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Trump's Challenge to The N.Y. Civil Trial

One of Trump’s lawyers, Chris Kise, said in a statement, “We filed the petition because the normal appellate process is essentially pointless in this context as it cannot possibly be completed in time to reverse the ongoing harm.” “Unfortunately, the decision denies President Trump the only path available to expedited relief and places his fundamental Constitutional rights in a procedural purgatory.”

The former president is on trial in a $250 million civil case brought against him by Letitia James, the attorney general of New York. James accuses Trump and the Trump Organization of financial fraud by falsely boosting their net worth by more than $2 billion by overvaluing their property. The state’s case was over after 11 weeks of trial on Wednesday. Closing statements will start on January 11.

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