Instacart Driver Detained in Miami for Allegedly Raping Teenage Publix Employee!


Cybersecdn- A Miami Instacart driver is now being charged with sexual assault after it was said that he sexually attacked a 15-year-old Publix worker in his car outside of the store. The record of the arrest shows that Victor Manuel Fernandez, 36, was arrested and put in Miami-Dade jail on Wednesday.

A child between the ages of 12 and 16 was sexually abused, and a child under the age of 16 was sexually abused and molestated in a lewd and sexy way. The event is said to have happened outside of the store at 14630 Southwest 26th Street on November 4.

In the report, the girl said that she got into Fernandez’s car when her shift at the store was over. Fernandez works as an Instacart driver in that area. The girl said that Fernandez kissed her without asking her permission while they were just chatting.

Fernandez is said to have then moved his car to a different part of the parking lot and sexually attacked the teen without telling anyone. Detectives questioned Fernandez and he said that the teen had asked him to move the car to a different spot in the parking lot and then walked right in. Fernandez is said to have said something else, but it wasn’t included in the story.

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Fernandez’s lawyer asked the judge to set a bond when he went to court on Wednesday, saying that his client has never been in trouble with the law before. Fernandez was given a bail order, an appointment with a public defender, and orders not to talk to the victim.

“We are appalled by this act of violence, and our hearts are with the survivor during this difficult time,” an Instacart representative said in a statement. This shopper has been banned from our site, and we will fully help the police with their investigation. In a different statement, a Publix representative said that the company doesn’t speak on investigations that are still going on.

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