Ohio Barber’s Mobile Shop Brings Traditional Services to You!


CybersecdnOhio: Someone set fire to a local barbershop on purpose almost two years ago, but the owner is now using the tragedy to make something good.

He is especially helping his neighborhood, Chevez Moman. A barbershop isn’t necessary for him; he brings the shop to them. The idea behind this mobile barbershop is to offer standard services uniquely. A family-owned hardware store in Lancaster is having a party to say goodbye to the neighborhood.
Moman said, “This is my God-given calling, and it can touch people.”

Moman knew he wanted to change the business world after someone burned down Grooves Barber and Beauty Salon. It was different when he thought of this idea during the pandemic, but he used the fire to get serious about making a mobile haircut.

My upbringing was based on community. It’s nice to be able to help others in this way, Moman said. His idea became real at the start of this year. BarberZone, his business, is now open for business in Columbus.

“Completing this unique task in our city’s area. In other words, it’s fun. What the future holds and how this can change my job is very exciting. Moman said, “Have my industry reach more of the people we serve.”

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Moman gives haircuts to adults at the New Birth Christian Ministries every Wednesday as a way to give back to the community. Outside the church from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., he’ll be selling things.


“By cutting hair for seniors, I’m giving back to the community,” Moman said. “Many of the time, they may not be able to afford haircuts because they are on fixed incomes or something.”

Over 30 years, he’s been cutting hair for other people. He likes doing it, and he likes it even more now that he can help people in need. To reach more people, including young people and people who might not be able to go to a barbershop, Moman wants to grow his business.


The Ohio income tax is being looked at to be gotten rid of.
“Because the best thing that can happen to someone is a good haircut,” Moman said.

In addition, he wants his truck to be a safe place where guys can talk about their feelings and mental health.

“Men and our health depend on the barbershop,” Moman said.

She agrees with Larry Whiteside, who has known Moman for many years, that barbershops are places where guys can feel weak.

Ohio Barber’s Mobile Shop Brings

“We have weaknesses and feelings too,” Whiteside said. “That’s the only place you can go where you can feel free to show those weaknesses.”

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Additionally, Whiteside said that he has witnessed Moman’s growth. His presence was there for Moman when his company was destroyed by fire. Whiteside said Moman never gave up on his dream, no matter how hard things got.

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Whiteside told him, “His persistence paid off, and this time his dreams came true. I’m very proud of him.”

Moman would rather keep going. Barbers should know they can do this too, he says. To get to as much of central Ohio as possible, he wants to buy a bunch of cars and hire people to drive them.

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