One Kansas City Neighborhood Documents Multiple Vehicle Break-Ins!


The holiday season is a prime time for automobile break-ins and other forms of theft, making parcels left unattended in cars an attractive target. Over the weekend, security cameras in Kansas City’s Waldo area caught multiple break-ins. More and more of them are popping up in the region, according to one business owner.

“Auto theft tends to center in areas like the Plaza, Waldo, Brookside, and Zona Rosa where there’s a high population of vehicles, especially parked on roadways or in public garages,” expressed KCPD Capt. Corey Carlisle.

According to footage captured by Bobby Baker’s Lounge, someone smashed the window of a parked automobile on W. 74th Terrace, stole several belongings from the vehicle, and then sped off in a red car. Carlisle stated that windshields cannot prevent theft because they are easily shattered.

Your belongings might be taken because they are only as powerful as the object that hits them. Therefore, never leave weapons in a car, especially loaded ones. Keep your purse hidden. Never leave any kind of change, not even a dollar.

Another surveillance footage shows someone exiting the roadway with a black garbage bag in hand, while seated in a red van. Police in Kansas City, Missouri, are now looking into this matter after receiving a report about it.

One Kansas City Neighborhood Documents Multiple

Carlisle called on people to report incidents like this and said that they should do something about it. He suggested that victims who lost valuables up to $2,000 file a report on the Kansas City Police Department’s website (

Carlisle claims that property crime investigators rely heavily on reports of vehicle theft to determine which areas need more funding to combat this type of crime.

More than twenty reports of vehicle thefts in and around the Waldo region have been documented on the crime mapping website of the Kansas City Police Department (KCPD) since October 1st, 2018.

Over the past month, the Kansas City police have recorded over four thousand instances of vehicle theft.

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