Riot Games’ Strategic Shift: 530 Layoffs Announced at ‘League of Legends’ Developer!


Cybersecdn- AP reports that in Bangkok, The famous multiplayer battle game “League of Legends” was made by Riot Games. It is now cutting jobs by 11%, joining other tech companies that have been doing the same.

An important message from CEO Dylan Jadeja and co-founder and president of the company Marc Merrill to staff was sent late Monday night. They said the move would “create focus and move us toward a sustainable future.” It said that 530 jobs were being cut, which is about 11% of the company’s total staff. The company is owned by the Chinese tech giant Tencent.

“This isn’t to please shareholders or meet a quarterly earnings goal—it’s a necessity,” the company wrote in a note to users. The company from Los Angeles, California, said it had spread its funding too thinly across too many areas. In just a few years, it doubled its staff and was now cutting back to focus on games.

“Right now, our company doesn’t have a clear enough focus, and we have too many things going on at once.” It said, “Some of the investments we’ve made aren’t paying off the way we thought they would.”

League of Legends' developer Riot Games

It said, “To all the Rioters who are being fired, we are very sorry that this has happened.” Riot Games has said that it will give people who are fired at least six months’ pay, as well as cash bonuses and other perks.

It said that staff members working with visas would be able to use job placement services, get therapy, and get help with their visas. The company also said that people who have been fired can ask to use a laptop if they need to.

Workers in many fields, such as retail, tech, media, and leisure, have been hurt by job cuts over the last few years. Google, Amazon, Hasbro, LinkedIn, and other companies have laid off workers in the past few months. A lot of them have worked in tech, which hired a lot of people during the pandemic when people were stuck at home and played games online.

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Riot Games is a supporter of the League of Legends World Championship. The company said it would continue to support its games through esports and entertainment.

The company said it would “move” Legends of Runeterra to “sustainability” by making changes and cutting the number of people working on that team. It would then focus on “Path of Champions.” It said that “Riot Forge” would no longer be made after “Bandle Tale” came out.

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