Tennessee Alert: Man in Custody After Dragging and Dumping Lifeless Body!


Cybersecdn In an apartment complex in Tennessee, 38-year-old Dominic Collier has been charged with several crimes after being said to have dragged and dumped a dead body. In an arrest document from January 24, the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department wrote about the horrible find.

A maintenance worker at the apartment complex saw Collier pulling what looked like a body wrapped in blankets. This was the start of the nightmare. The worker quickly told his or her boss and the property manager that something was wrong. After looking at the surveillance footage, the boss agreed with the worker that what they saw was disturbing.

As the investigation went on, a resident of the complex said they saw Collier drag an unknown item and then push it into a rain culvert. A dead body was found in the tunnel when workers from the apartment building checked it. Police reports say the victim was duct-taped together in two blankets and a shower curtain, and a white trash bag and a green camo backpack were over their heads.

Man in Custody After Dragging and Dumping Lifeless Body

The leasing office for the flat said that Collier was the one who moved the body. When police went to Collier’s house to question him, they saw him wearing new clothes and the clothes that had been on him the last time being seen thrown over a chair. The detectives tried to talk to Collier, but he refused.

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According to records from Davidson County, Collier is currently being charged with abuse of a corpse, failing to report a dead body, and messing with evidence. The office of the medical examiner is in charge of finding out who died and how they died. The case has gotten a lot of press, but Collier’s lawyer has not been able to be reached for comment.

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