Tragic End: NYC Crossing Guard Killed After Gunman’s Menacing Remark!


Cybersecdn- In a harrowing incident that has shocked New York City, a gunman fatally shot a school crossing guard on a Brooklyn train, following a heated altercation over loud music. The tragic event unfolded on a northbound 3 train on a Sunday evening, when Richard Henderson, a 45-year-old father of three and grandfather, found himself in the midst of a dispute between two passengers.

Eyewitness accounts describe how the altercation escalated rapidly. The assailant, reportedly having a dreadlock hairstyle and dark complexion, confronted another passenger playing loud music, stating aggressively, “I ain’t having this today.” Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny, recounting witness testimony, indicated that Henderson attempted to defuse the situation but was tragically shot twice in the torso as the train approached Rockaway Avenue station.

NYC Crossing Guard Killed After Gunman's

The New York Police Department has released photos of the suspect, captured in the station’s mezzanine area. Despite being rushed to the Kings County Hospital Center, Henderson was pronounced dead, marking a tragic end to what began as a simple commute home after an NFL game.

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The NYPD is actively pursuing leads, including facial recognition to identify a witness. The public has been urged to come forward with any information, with a reward of $3,000 being offered for tips leading to the gunman’s arrest. This incident has not only left a family in mourning but also raised concerns about safety on public transit in the city.

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