New Flavor in Town: Emeril Lagasse’s Fifth Culinary Masterpiece in New Orleans!


Cybersecdn- Celebrated chef Emeril Lagasse is set to deepen his culinary roots with the opening of his fifth restaurant in New Orleans, named 34 Restaurant & Bar. This new venture is a tribute to Lagasse’s Portuguese heritage, a nod to the unforgettable food experiences he shared with his family in Portugal. The restaurant’s name, “34,” holds a sentimental value, representing a fusion of the names of Emeril J. Lagasse III and his son, Emeril J. Lagasse IV, who is also a collaborator in this project.

Chef Emeril Lagasse

The concept of 34 Restaurant & Bar is described as “a love letter to Portugal,” showcasing a blend of New Orleans flair and Portuguese influences. The inspiration for this unique culinary endeavor comes from Lagasse’s late mother, Hilda Mederios, who played a pivotal role in his early culinary development and fostered his love for cooking. The restaurant aims to celebrate this heritage and bring a slice of Portugal to the heart of New Orleans.

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Emeril’s connection to the cuisine and culture of Portugal, combined with his renowned expertise in New Orleans-style cooking, promises a unique dining experience. Set to open in late Spring 2024, 34 Restaurant & Bar is anticipated to be a new culinary landmark, enriching New Orleans’ diverse food landscape with Portuguese flavors.

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